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I am just a girl who loves one direction a lot. I have 5 boyfriends Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis. I'm a Harry girl but ship Narry hard. I do preferences and I would really appreciate it if you guys read them and give me feed back please check it out in the link and you can request preferences to.
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Harry: You pulled the coat around yourself tighter as you knocked on Liam’s door again. The air was cold outside. You wished the boys would open the door already but you could hear the loud music inside so you knew they probably couldn’t hear you. You knocked again very loudly this time and finally the door opened revealing Harry. He sneered at you as you walked in. “I thought you weren’t coming it’s so late already” he grumbled. “Sorry to burst your bubble Styles” You replied taking of your coat. You hung it up before going to the living room where the other four were. They were all goofing off. “So this is why no one heard me knocking for so long!” You shouted over the music. They all turned and looked at you. “Y/N!” Louis exclaimed coming over to hug you. “Don’t hug me I’ve been waiting outside freezing my backside off for 5 minutes” You said jokingly. “Sorry babe” He said pulling you into a hug followed by the others (All except Harry of course).  ”So you came just in time” Liam said to you. “What do you mean?” You inquired. “We were just about to play truth or dare” he replied. You groaned. “Not again” you whined. The boys always played truth or dare with you and it sucked because they always gave such horrible and embarrassing dares. “Too bad you have to” Niall  said taking your hand and leading you to the center of the room where you all sat in a circle. The game went on for about ten minutes before the bottle finally landed on you. A smirking Louis looked at you “Truth or Dare?” he asked. You rolled your eyes “Dare” you replied knowing fully well that if you chose truth they would harass you until you agreed to a dare. He grinned and thought for a while. Soon a smirk appeared on his face “I dare you to kiss Harry” You gasped. Harry rolled his eyes “You’re fucking kidding” he said. “Hell no that’s the dare” Louis replied with a smug grin as he folded his arms. “Well I’m not doing it” Harry said. “You have to that’s the whole point of the game” Zayn spoke up. “Well I say no I’m not going to kiss that ugly slutty bitch for nothing!” he exclaimed. Harry had said a lot of means things before but this time it hurt you for real. After his statement the other boys immediately started to scold him but you got up “It’s ok guys” you whispered before leaving the room as tears began to fall from your eyes. You grabbed your coat quickly and ran out the door trying to get to your car as quickly as possible but you were stopped half way by a hand spinning you around. You saw that that hand belonged to Harry. Before you could say or do anything he pulled you in and pressed his lips to yours. The kiss took your breath away. When it ended after a few seconds you just stared at him. “What the hell Harry?” you whispered after a while. “I’m so so sorry. I’m such an asshole…” he began but you cut him off. “Yes you are Harry. You’re the biggest asshole I have ever met” you say spitefully. “I know I was terrible to you I know that but I’m sorry I just…I don’t know how to say this” he said looking at his hands. “Say what?” you asked.”Fuck” he whispered groaning. “Shit Harry what?! Just tell me what it is?!” you yelled at him frustrating him. “I am fucking in love with you” he whispered not looking at you. “Is this some kind of sick joke!” you screamed at him as you turned to go to your car. You were so confused and frustrated. “It’s not a joke Y/N it’s the truth!” he yelled. You turned back to face him. “It’s the truth I love you so much. I love everything about you” he confessed. “Then why have you been this way to me?” you questioned. “Because I knew you were way out of my league and you would never fall for someone like me” “Why did you act so horrible just now then when you heard the dare?” you asked staring at the floor. “Because I didn’t want our first kiss to be from a dare” he whispered. You just stared at him for a while and he just stared back waiting for a reaction. You snapped out of it and walked to him. He opened his mouth to say something but you shut him up by kissing him. He kissed back immediately. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and he pulled you in by your waist as you slipped your tongue into his mouth. He pulled away to get some air but you pulled him back into the kiss. His kisses were so addictive. Finally you allowed him to get some air. You both stared at each other blushing. “So if it wasn’t obvious I like you to” you said after a while. He grinned “Thank god” he whispered. “So what do you say we go back inside because out here is cold” you said shivering. He chuckled and pecked your lips before walking you back inside where the boys had the biggest shock of their lives.

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Niall arriving at an interview unexpectedly +

This literally makes me piss laughter every time I see it.

I fucking love that weirdo.

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