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I am just a girl who loves one direction a lot. I have 5 boyfriends Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis. I'm a Harry girl but ship Narry hard. I do preferences and I would really appreciate it if you guys read them and give me feed back please check it out in the link and you can request preferences to.
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Are you planning on making more preferences soon?(: best blog ever by the way(:

Yes I most likely will post one tonight and thank youuuuuuuuuuu

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I awoke to kisses on my face. I groaned and opened my eyes to see Lora smiling at me. I smiled back at her. “Hey babe it’s time to get up” she said.  I yawned and sat up still naked from the previous day’s events with Lora. “You gotta get up and get ready to go on tour with the guys.” she said. I nodded and got off the bed as she smacked my bum. I giggled just as the door opened. I turned only to see Liam.

"Get ready we gotta go soon" he said without looking me in the eye or Lora. He just left closing the door. 

I frowned. I turned to look back at Lora only to see that she was smirking. “Looks like he’s jealous yet again” she said simply. I sighed knowing she was right. I got ready quickly as did Lora since she was accompanying us to the airport. Before we left my bedroom she spoke up “I know don’t worry”. I looked at her confused. “What happened last night was a one time thing. You just tried to cheer me up. Thank you for that Linds and you wouldn’t have to do it again” she smiled before going out the door. I smiled happy that I wouldn’t have to make her sad again. 

In the living room all the boys sat eating breakfast. “Morning” Lora and I said together. The boys responded, all but Liam. 

"Had fun last night?" Louis asked teasingly. 

"We sure did" Lora replied poking her tongue out at him.

"I wish I was there to witness" Niall said winking.

"Too bad Horan" Lora said as she grabbed a plate of waffles. I did the same ignoring the boys banter. I went and sat in the corner beside Liam. He didn’t acknowledge my presence. I began to eat silently as he finished up his meal. He went to get up but I stopped him. I help the back of his neck and brought him close joining our lips in a passionate kiss. He was shocked at first but he soon caught on kissing back viciously. I slipped my tongue into his mouth playing with his a bit before pulling away.  He stared at me with his mouth opened slightly in shock. 

I pecked his lips again before pulling away and sliding into his lap and wrapping my arms around his neck. “I missed you” I whispered into his neck as I cuddled up with him. He chuckled holding me close. 

"Yo we have to leave now love birds" Zayn said to us jokingly winking at us.

I giggled and got up off of Liam’s lap as we all left getting into the car. I was sat between Lora and Liam. Liam gently took my hand in his giving it a soft squeeze. I smiled at him. He smiled back adorably. The drive to the airport was short. We all piled out of the car and grabbed our luggage as security helped us get a smooth journey from the car to check in.

There were a lot of fans at the airport but the boys weren’t allowed to go greet them. We were rushed to the airplane. We had to say good bye to Lora in only five minutes which was quite unfortunate and then we were rushed in the private plane. We all sat down and a few minutes later we were in the air. We were all spaced out in the huge plane with our own space. I yawned and decided to take a nap which most of the others were already doing. I drifted off quicker than I expected.

I awoke on my own in the same position I fell asleep. I checked my watch only to realize that I had only slept for half an hour. I sighed but looked around and saw that the only one awake was Zayn. I yawned and got up lazily making my way over to him. I stood in front of him until he noticed me a few seconds later from behind his computer. 

"Hey babe" he said smiling at me. 

"Can I cuddle with you?" I asked cutely.

He chuckled and nodded raising his blanket for me to get under with him. I cuddled into his side as he continued to browse through twitter. I got bored rather quickly. “Zaynie?” I whispered. 

"Yea" he replied not looking at me. 

"Pay attention to me" I whined. 

He chuckled “I am” he replied still with his eyes glued to the computer screen. I rolled my eyes but soon got an idea. I slowly slid my hand under the sheet and gently brushed it against his crotch. He glanced at me and I just winked at him as I groped his private very hard. He groaned loudly. I giggled and started to rub over his crotch.

"Fuck" he whispered hoarsely as he looked at me through half closed eyelids and put his laptop aside. I leaned in and licked the vein on his neck gently sucking on it. He gasped. He threw his head back and moaned softly. At that point I unbuckled his belt quickly and slid my hand into his underwear. He groaned and closed his eyes as I started to wank him off. 

He was enjoying it so much as he squirmed in his seat. I let him enjoy it until he was twitching in my hand and then I let go getting up and smirking at him. He opened his eyes and looked at me in confusion. I shrugged. ”What?” I asked smiling at him.

"Why did you stop?" he asked clearly frustrated.

"Because Zaynie boy you can’t only pay attention to me when I’m holding your dick" I replied sickeningly sweet.

"Fuck baby I’m sorry please just help me please" he begged pouting at me. I giggled and straddled him practically attacking his lips with mines. I slipped my tongue into his mouth battling his for dominance. He grabbed my bum hard as I bit his lip. I pulled away and smiled at him as I pushed the covers aside and got between his legs. I quickly undid his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. "Babe someone might wake up and see" he whispered. I looked up at him and he was smirking at me. That cheeky bastard. 

I rolled my eyes and took his length in my mouth. “Fuck” he groaned throwing his head back.  I took him out of my mouth and began licking the tip. He bit his lip looking down at me as I maintained the eye contact. I licked the vein up the side of his cock before sucking on the head.

"Shit" he said pulling my hair slightly "Suck it" he demanded. I moaned. I love when he dominates me. I took him in my mouth again and he instantly held the back of my head. He began face fucking me and I was enjoying every second of it. I gagged slightly but I did not even care seeing that beautiful face of pleasure that Zayn was giving was enough. He started to twitch in my mouth and not a second later he let out a grunt and my mouth was filled with his salty release.

I swallowed all that was in my mouth but some had leaked out and was dribbling down my cheek. Zayn swiped it up with his thumb and I sucked it off. “Gosh you’re so sexy” he whispered. He quickly fixed his underwear and pants back before I straddled him again.

I looked around and smirked when I saw that no one was awake as yet. I bit my lip and looked at him. “My turn” I whispered taking his hand and putting it on my crotch. He gave me the most evil smile ever as he took his hand away. 

"Daddy?" I pouted.

"Not as yet sweet heart. I’m not going to please you until tonight." he whispered that grin still on his face.

"What? WHY?" I whisper yelled.

"Because I want you to want me really bad so I’m gonna give you time for that" 

"I want you real bad now please please daddy" I begged.

"No baby" he whispered. I pouted but he was not giving in. "And another thing. If you really want me to please you good tonight you can’t let any of the other boys touch you"

"Daddddddddddy please just touch me" I pleaded.

"I will tonight only if none of the other boys get to touch you like how you want me to" he smirked biting my neck making me long even more for him. 

"Fine but don’t tease me please" I whined. 

"I can’t make any promises sweetheart" he winked.

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When are you gonna update sex slave? :) xx

Tomorrow :)

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